Rhode Island School of Design
BFA Industrial Design '14
Contact: M / 8455980032 E / callil.capuozzo@gmail.com
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Study on Flexible Technology

Machined Tea Tray

Investment cast pepper grinder

Laser Cut Lamps


Flexible Computing

Exploring manufacturing and design of future mobile technology.


A thermal printer camera!


Implementation of RISD school newspaper's online presence.


Design and UI/UX for political startup.

Tessellated Lights

Complex, recycled lamps series.

Cast Pepper Grinder

An investment cast, aluminum pepper grinder.

Personal Tea Tray

Milled steel tea cup and bag tray.

Cast Concrete Lamps

Experimental lighting based around concrete.

Generative Mountains

A script for generating mountains and making the forms print-able.

Generative Print Design

Using generative 3D forms for poster design.

Music + MIDI + Processing

Various Projects exploring music visualization.


Examples of model-making and prototyping

Tabletop Ceramics

Function cermaics for the home.